Is Home Schooling Legal and What is the Social Impact For Children?

The laws and regulations for Home Schooling vary greatly across the country but Home Schooling is legal in all 50 states. Also the interpretation of these laws varies in each state school district… To make harder for parents to easily grasp the meaning of the laws they may change each year.

A good resource for help in the legalities of Home schooling is The National Home Education Network. A listing of the actual laws and regulations for each state in the country is available. A good way to get informed about the laws is to obtain a copy for the state you are in and read them truly, but most people will need to obtain an interpretation from a qualified attorney… Valuable information can also be obtained from local support groups and most state board of education will have online information available for parents researching Home schooling.

It is very important to do your research and know the laws and regulations before you began your education program to avoid any problems later on.

There have been some concerns about the soc9al impact home Schooling will have in the student educated at home rather than in public school system. These concerns were that social skills needed to be keep sharp through regular contact with others and that Home schooled children social contacts were limited and therefore harmful to their growth and development

Studies have proven these concerns to be invalid. Children placed in the highly competitive school environment with pressure from their piers and often neglected show lack of confidence in normal conversation and little interest in topics of general conversation. These children usually do not know how to interact with different age groups especially their elders.

Children educated in the home are more aware on the importance of their education and what it means to their future. Their questions asked are generally more intelligent and they make a more accurate observation of situations. Children begin their lives by imitating the people around them and will pick up on their parents genuine concern for their education and therefore in a more positive environment. The positive reinforcement of Home Schooling helps to build self-esteem. These children usually turn out well-rounded and balanced as they mature into adulthood.