Home Schooling Help

Are you thinking about home schooling but you don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed with all of the information out there? Do you need help sorting through the facts?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll take you through, step-by-step, what you’ll need to know to begin your homeschooling adventure.

First you will want to acquaint yourself with the home schooling laws in your state. The easiest way to do this is at the Home School Legal Defense Association web site. From their home page you can click on “in your state” found in the quick menu on the left hand side. Once you do that you will find a map of the states, click on your state and there you will find the home schooling laws of that state.

Second step is to decide how you will home school. Will you use an umbrella program or be totally on your own? What’s the difference?

Umbrella programs include ISP’s, Charter Schools, and distance learning programs.

An ISP is an independent learning program. It can be private or public. It includes anything from very basic record keeping all the way to providing curriculum.

A charter school is taxpayer funded, but more parent oriented. It’s like a private school without the cost. Some charter schools offer home schooling programs. And some of those programs offer classes one or two days a week. The best of both worlds is their motto.

A distance learning program is similar to curriculum in a box or school at home. Lots of times work is done on the computer via the internet.

Being totally on your own requires the filing of paperwork with your state. And depending on your state there will be various degrees of accountability.

Not all of these programs exist in everywhere. Remember to check the laws in your state before proceeding.

Next you’ll want to evaluate your level of home schooling comfort. It’s not unusual for first time home schoolers to want more support. And it’s not unusual to want mere freedom as your comfort level grows.

Now would be the time to start reading. I highly recommend “The Joyful Home Schooler” by Mary Hood,Phd, ” A Charlotte Mason Companion” by Karen Andreola, and “The Well Trained Mind” by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.

Reading these books will give you an excellent overview of home schooling from several different perspectives. Use these books to help you create your home school identity. You’ll either be totally convicted by one of them or you will take some from each of them. Either way these books will prove to be useful as you decide what your homeschooling experience will be like. Be sure to read them while making your decisions.

Well that about does it for now. I think I’ve given you enough information to think about for a little while at least. From here you should be able take your first home schooling steps. Good luck!