Are You A Victim Of Home School Inspections?

The United States of America is a special country. The founding fathers made civil rights a priority when writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They did this because the countries people immigrated from did not have strong civil rights.

With the advent of the popularity of home schooling, these civil rights have been challenged. Home schooling laws are defined by each state and, often, need to be looked at for their constitutionality.

Home school inspections are for the most part illegal. The fourth amendment of the constitution prevents people’s home from being searched or invaded without a warrant and probable cause.

It is important for people to be aware the Bill of Rights and be ready to take appropriate action when faced with home school inspections. Knowing ones rights and how to protect them is essential in preventing abuse of those rights.

There are many legal resources available for the average person. Libraries and internet resources are a good place to start for any legal research.

There are also legal defense organizations available that specialize in home schooling and in civil liberties. These organizations will often offer very inexpensive or free legal assistance.

If a family has had their home school inspected or is being threatened with home school inspections contacting one of these organizations will prove invaluable.

When Home School Inspections Are Appropriate?

There are some times when home school inspections will be appropriate and times when they will be necessary. First, there are states that require records of the home school be available for inspection.

These are usually the attendance and curriculum records. This does not mean that an inspector has the right to enter a person’s home for the inspection but that a parent must provide the records upon request.

Another case for home school inspection is if there is probable cause for home to be looked at. If there is sufficient evidence that the children are being abused or neglected in some way they need to be protected by officials. There is a fine line between protecting the rights of the parents and their home and in the protection of the children.

Home schooling is a wonderful opportunity for most families but care does need to be taken that home schooling does not become an avenue for abuse by mentally imbalanced parents. These instances are rare but do need to be prevented.